Integrated solutions for flexible operation of fossil fuel power plants through power-to-X-to-power and/or energy storage

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Domaine de recherche :
Nanotechnologies, matériaux et production
Type de financement :
Type d'instrument :
Innovation Action
Deadline :
Mardi 27 Août 2019
Budget indicatif :
entre 6 et 10 millions d'euros par projet
Budget total :
20 millions d'euros
Code de l'appel : LC-SC3-NZE-4-2019
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TRL visé: 
6 et +

Specific Challenge:

With a growing share of energy produced from renewable resources (RES), fossil fuel power plants will have to increasingly shift their role from providing base-load power to providing fluctuating back-up power (i.e. ramping up and down) in order to control and stabilise the grid. These strong fluctuations result not only in increased wear-and-tear, but (more importantly) also in a lower efficiency and hence higher greenhouse gas emissions per unit of produced electricity. Severe ramping up and down can be limited through load-levelling i.e. storing power during periods of light loading on the system and delivering it during periods of high demand.


Validation and pilot demonstration of the integration of energy storage and/or use of excess energy (including via power-to-X-to-power in fossil fuel power plants and showing that EU emission limits for such installations can not only still be met, but that emissions of air pollutants can even be reduced. This could include the enabling of the combustion system to deal with synthetic fuels and/or hydrogen enriched fuels, as well as a better integration of combined production of heat and power into the overall system.

Technology development has to be complemented by activities to create awareness, gain feedback on societal impact and advancing society’s readiness for the proposed solutions.

Expected Impact:

Solutions will contribute to a smart, secure and more resilient power system through the integration of energy storage for the purpose of load levelling in fossil fuel power generation. Results of the project(s) should allow a smoother operation of these plants at optimal efficiency and environmental performance in order to better adapt to an energy systems that will increasingly be dominated by intermittent renewable energy.